Volunteerism Award

Nominate someone for Govfest’s Volunteerism Award!

Each year Govfest presents this award to a member of the public service staff community who has demonstrated exceptional personal commitment to helping others. This award celebrates an individual who has demonstrated the vision of volunteerism. We are looking for you to nominate a dedicated volunteer that has made a positive impact in the lives of individuals, the communities they live in, and in communities beyond their borders.

Nomination Criteria
Nominations will be assessed across three criteria: 

Reach – What is the extent of the benefits of the nominees’ contributions for the affected groups/individuals? How were they affected? Have the benefits reached others? Have the benefits been of a lasting nature?

Impact – The depth of the nominee’s contribution. Has the work of the nominee had an impact on priority areas/theme in their community? Have they made a lasting difference in the community? What has been put into place to ensure the nominee’s contribution will last when the nominee is no longer involved?

Inspiration – How did the nominee became a role model in their community? How is the knowledge of the nominees work inspiring others? How did the nominee communicate and share their experience?

Letters of Support – Applications must include letters of support/testimonials that reflect the reach, impact and inspiration of the work of the volunteer. We welcome up to three. You can email these to

Please note that we are not yet accepting nominations for 2019. Stay tuned for more information.