Battle Round Winners!

Knock Out Round Results

Congratulations to the winners of our Knock Out Round events! The People’s Choice and Judge’s choice bands will proceed to the Grand Finale.

Grand Finale Lineup!

The Pigeons

People’s Choice

Certifiably Strung

Judge’s Choice

Round A

Winner: Eternal Return
Runner Up: Minor Normal

Round B

Winner: Flaming Decision
Runner Up: Certifiably Strung

Round C

Winner:  2MenYGirls
Runner Up: Old Posters

Round D

Winner: Civil Unrest
Runner Up: Son de la Guiayra

Round E

Winner: GRP
Runner Up: Invisible Hands

Round F

Winner: The Secondments
Runner Up: The Pigeons

Round G

Winner: VOHON
Runner Up: Knuckel Hed

See the full voting results on our voting website!