QCC News - GovFest 2020 – Govfest

QCC News – GovFest 2020

QCC News – GovFest 2020

A celebration of music, art and employee engagement
Govfest is an annual music and cultural fundraising show organized by public servants. The event started in 2006 with five bands rising to well over 30 musical acts and has become one of the largest fundraisers organized by public servants. Proceeds from the events go to community-based projects in Ontario and around the world through United Way and Ryan’s Well Foundation. 
The Govfest Team is currently working on options for Govfest 2020. The Festival generally runs from mid-November through to the first week in December. Options for this year will depend on guidelines for social distance and public gatherings. But one thing is sure: Govfest will be back in 2020! 
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The article above was printed in the July 2020 Newsletter of the Quarter Century Club (QCC).
QCC is a new Govfest partner and we are looking forward to collaborating on many projects which will benefit our patrons. See QCC website HERE

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