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Travel Presentation Rescheduled Until Further Notice.

Congratulations to Govfest for adapting to our new reality and hosting a Virtual Govfest 2020 with exciting programs for all it’s patrons! We are so pleased to play a part in this effort. Good Luck from all of us at

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Band Contest

The Winner of the above competition is the Govfest 2019 band “GRP”

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QCC News – GovFest 2020

GOVFEST 2020 A celebration of music, art and employee engagement  Govfest is an annual music and cultural fundraising show organized by public servants. The event started in 2006 with five bands[…]

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Wine & Art Soirée

GOVFEST 2020 VIRTUAL WINE EVENT! October 27 – November 27We are very happy to announce that the Govfest 2020 Wine Soiree will be a fabulous Virtual Event hosted on our[…]

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